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Anthology Haiku Competition "AN5 - 2002"



For the fifth international haiku competition “AN5 - 2002” announced in April 2002 by the Yugoslavia-Japan Friendship Society, the Novi Sad University Section and the “Aleksandar Nejgebauer” Haiku Club, 114 authors sent their works, 88 of them from Yugoslavia and 26 from other countries (SAD 6, Romania 6, Australia 3, Croatia 3, India 2, Japan 1, New Zealand 1, GB 1, Hong Kong 1, Scotland 1, Macedonia 1). In the category “Haiku in Serbian” 87 participants entered their works, in the category “Haiku in English” 53 participants and in the category “Haibun in Serbian” 29 participants. One of the authors entered a haibun in English outside the competition.

Prof. dr Vladislava Felbabov has translated the awarded poems in the category "Haiku in Serbian" and various other texts into English. She has translated from English into Serbian the poems awarded in the category "Haiku in English". She has also edited some of the haiku poems sent for the competition in English, by those participants from countries where English is not the native language.

Anthology haiku competition "AN5 - 2002" will be edited in April 2003.

Here are the reports from the judges: Dragan J. Risti}, Prof. Vladislava Felbabov and Nevena Simin.

Nebojša Simin



in Serbian


Children's Haiku


in English



Judge: Dragan J. Ristic (Nis, Yu)

1st Prize:

(Rosana Dvorzak, Stapar, Yugoslavia)

mlada zova kraj crkve.
Idu svatovi.

Fragrant elder bushes
by the church.
Wedding parties.

2nd Prize:

(Svetlana Bjelica, Belgrade, Yugoslavia)

Na stazi
zmija u prolazu --
stojim i cekam.

On the path
a snake in passage --
I stand and wait.

3rd Prize
equally devided between two poets:

(Rajna Begovic, Belgrade, Yugoslavia)

Sitni koraci
pozuruju krupne.
Prvi skolski dan.

Small steps
hurrying long ones on.
First day of school.


(Svetomir Djurbabic, Nis, Yugoslavia):

u nocnoj tisini
otegnut pisak voza --
neka stara tuga

The quiet of the night
a train's long whistle
some old sorrow

Children's haiku

1st Prize:

(Bojana Djordjevic, Smederevo, Yugoslavia)

brzi voz
projuri kroz bulke -
pdnese latice

An express train
speeds through poppies -
scattering petals

2nd Prize:

(Ana Brajkovic, Uzice, Yugoslavia)

Stazom kroz trnje
stizem pod stari orah --
veverica pre

Along a thorny path
I reach the old walnut --
the squirrel is quicker

3rd Prize:

(Janja Raonic, Pljevlja, Yugoslavia)

Uvelo lisce.
Iz stijene izrasla
bijela crkva.

Autumn leaves.
Sprung from a cliff
a white church.



Judge: Prof. dr Vladislava Felbbabov (Novi Sad, Yu)


The Haiku Competition 2001 for poems in English organized by the Aleksandar Nejgebauer Haiku Club has received a large number of contributions from haidjin from all over the world. A total of more than 200 hundred haiku poems were entered by 53 participants from 11 countries: Romania 6, USA 6, Croatia 3, Australia 2, India 2, New Zealand 1, Japan 1, GB 1, Hong Kong 1, Scotland 1, while the largest number of participants were from Yugoslavia. These numbers reveal that the internet presentation of the Novi Sad Competition and its renown have spread even to countries on the other side of the globe. The number of haiku poems entered bespeaks the fact that in the large number of very good and excellent poems, which it was a pleasure and joy to read, it was also very difficult to select the several best ones. Yet, this is expected of me as a judge, this year, like the previous ones, so I suggest that the following poems should be awarded, specially commended and commended:

1st Prize

For 1st prize I would suggest the poem

(Jamie Edgecombe, Japan)

Cigarette’s red flash
lighting up her face,
getting dark quickly

2nd Prize

I suggest that the 2nd Prize should be jointly awarded to the poems

(Kathy Lippard Cobb, USA)

News of his death —
I pluck a rotten tomato
from the vine


(Ross Figgins, USA)

Between hunched wings
a wet parrot watches the rain —
without comment

3rd Prize

For the 3rd prize I would suggest the poem:

(Angelee Deodhar, India)

Through the trees
a bevy of girls
— Tibetan prayer flags

Special Commendation

Of the poems which, during the selection process, entered the most narrow circles, I would suggest for special commendation:

(Zinovy Vayman, USA)
New Year morning
a crow gulps
loose snow


(Iulian Damacus, Romania)
Having no milk
the little boy is learning
the art of tea


(Radivoje Rale Damjanovic, Yugoslavia)
The moon — in the garden
the dwarfs fallen asleep.
Snow white, where are you?


(Philip D. Noble, Scotland)
Front grass
almost the map of Italy
in melting snow


(Rick Klaus Theis, USA)
Poison air propels
plastic bag down concrete streets —
urban tumbleweed


I would suggest for commendation the following poems in which traditional images and motifs have been combined in an inventive way:

(Bogoljub T. Mihajlovic, Yugoslavia)
On a dried branch
the orange moon
has moved into its nest


(Kirsty Karkov, USA)
twilight at sea
homebound trawlers tow
long shadows


(Marian Hussenbux, GB)
a thyme flower droops
under the bee
noon chimes


(Ljubinka Tosic, Yugoslavia)
Around the house
dog’s barking drives away
the thick fog


(Verica Zivkovic, Yugoslavia)
A cat bolts across
a field of dandelion down:
stalks left nude, shivering.

Commendation for Children's Haiku

As in the case of previous competitions I would like to single out for commendation poem submitted by a boy 13 years old. His masterful haiku

(Filip Stojanovski, Yugoslavia)
Near the road
an old man offers us grapes
and a black puppy dog

show the talents coming onto the haiku poetry scene.

Linked haiku

I also have to make special mention of linked haiku poems:

(Tomislav Andrejic Senjanin, Yugoslavia: died in October 9, 2002)

A nightingale’s nest
in the crown of a white birch
— full of chirping

Innumerable fans
making me cooler, cooler
in a birchtree temple

In a stormy night
a shivering birch tree
lit up by lightning


Judge: Nevena Simin (Novi Sad, Yu)


1st Prize:

(Micun Siljak, Pljevlja, Yugoslavia)
"The Dam on the Piva" - "Brana na Pivi"

2nd Prize,
equally devided between two haibuns:

(Ljiljana Djuricic, Belgrade, Yugoslavia)
"Stray Dogs" - "Psi lutalice"


(Dejan Bogojevic, Rajkovic, Yugoslavia)
"Sunrise in That Village" - "Izlazak sunca u tom selu"

3rd Prize:

(Zorica Pavlovic, Uzice, Yugoslavia)
"On the Station Platform" - "Na peronu"

Haibun outside the competition

(Liz Fenn, USA)
"To Mow or not to Mow, that is the Question" -
"Kositi ili ne kositi, pitanje je sad"


Info : Nebojsa Simin