Aleksandar Nejgebauer Haiku Club  


The club was founded in 1993 as part of the Yugoslavia - Japan Friendship Society, University Section , Novi sad. The first president of the club was Ljiljana Petrovic, from 1993 to 1997. She is a well known chansonier. The second president was Nebojsa Simin, in 1998 and 1999. The actual president is Mrs. Ljiljana Petrovic. The first meeting of the club was held in the "Little Big Book Store" on September 23,1993. Members of the club have been guests at poetry meetings and venues in Apatin, Zabalj, Beograd, Pozega, Backa Palanka, Nis, Odzaci, Sombor.

The activites of the club has been recorded from its outest by its Leaflet -Listak, which is published bi-monthly. The first editor of Listak was Ljiljana Petrovic (No.1, October 1993 - No.12, may 1995). The second editor was Nada Zlatic-Kavgic (No 13, November 1995 - No.20, November 1966). The third editor is Bogdanka Stojanovski (No.21, February 1997 - No.37, may 2000...).

Since 1997 Listak has been joined by the club's Haiku Bulletin - Haiku informator. The first editor of the Haiku informator was Nebojsa Simin (No.1, December 1997 - No.11, January 2000). The second editor of Haiku informator is Zoran Doderovic (No.12, Winter 2000 - No.13, Spring 2000...).

Starting from 1998, the club has organized an annual open haiku competition in three categories : Haiku in Serbian, Haiku in English and Haibun in Serbian (Anthologies: "YU 1.98" and "AN2 -99", editor of bouth anthologies was Nebojsa Simin).

The publishing activity of the club is crowned by anthologies of poems by its members. The first anthology, entitled The Poplars Rustle Abroad (on Serbian) was published in 1996 (executing editor Nebojsa Simin). It is a collection of poems by 48 authors, several poets more than the actual membership of the club at that time.

The second anthology, entitled The Sparrow on the Sill was published in 1998 (executing editor Nebojsa Simin). This anthology, on the fifth anniversary of the club's founding, brings together poems by 60 members. Among members, only 15 was from Novi Sad, 6 from the surrounding towns and villages and as many as 39 from the various parts of Serbia, Montenegro, the Republika Srpska, Macedonia and Slovenia. Originally the club had members from Canada, France and Australia with whom it lost touch in the meantime.

There is near 80 members of the Club in the present time (2000), with members from several countries...




Ljiljana Petrovic

Bogdanka Stojanovski
editor of Listak (Leaflet)
1300 Kaplara 1,
21000 Novi Sad
Serbia & Montenegro
tel. 021/367-222

Nebojsa Simin
editor of club competition
Balzakova 53,
21000 Novi Sad
Serbia & Montenegro
tel. 021/366-627


Serge Tomé
Webmaster and Designer
rue des Orchidées, 94
4030 Grivegnee
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Aleksander Nejgebauer, whom the club has been named after, was one of the originators and renowned teacher of haiku poetry in Yugoslavia. He retained the classical haiku form : three lines of 5,7,5 syllables. He also mainly kept to the formal demands which characterize the haiku as a specific genre of poetry. During its lifetime he wrote several hundred haiku poems and several studies on haiku poetry.