First School English Haiku Contest 2002


Best Series

Best Haiku

Honorable Mention




In English language

The Jury: Alenka Baškovič, Lois Beaver, Blanka Klobučar, Bill Wilson
Book Edition: "Haiku", Gimnazija Vič, 2002
Editor: Edin Saračević

The Best Series

1st Prize

Rok Uhan

throughout the pitch dark
blurry dream of my broken heart
the bright glimpse of you

falling before me
the abyss of nothingness
victim of apathy

everlasting nonsense
here today, gone tomorrow
life, just a moment


2nd Prize

Maja Kogej

The night sky
like black velvet
sprinkled with glitter.

Pretending my opinion matters
you avoid questions
no eye contact.

Borrowed words,
borrowed poems, borrowed songs.
Why I can't be myself ?

Thin plastic bag
soon to be heavy
with forgotten memories.

Tired people
dirty windows...
no one can see out.


3rd Prize

Tjaša Škrlj

drops of pain
in my heart.

My angel,
unable to survive
without God.

the easiest way out
of freedom.


The Best Haiku

1st Prize

Erika Koncut

White rabbits in the snow,
dark shapes in the twilight.
Good and evil.

2nd Prize

Rok Gomišček

leaves today for good
to shine tomorrow.

3 rd Prize

Denis Furek

My class is big,
it is big and feminine
but it's nice to be in.

Honorable Mention - Haiku

Karmen Vivod

I dream about
something unpredictable --
snowstorm in the glass.

Maja Blažica

Cool wind
tearful eyes reflect the light
from the pool.

Gregor Vohl

If I close my eyes,
will I go to heaven... hell ?
Either way I'm dead.

Gašper Zupančič

There was a great war,
dying not knowing what for.
Bodies many, more n more.

Kaja Dobrovoljc

five seven five
life's monosyllable
system destroys soul

Honorable Mention - Series

Lucija Erjavec

Dancing shadows are
secretly listening to
the whisper of stars.

Glistening circle
proudly admires itself
in the silent river.

Blanket of ebony
is gently looking after
the pearls of dreams.


Dane Šoba

darkness in his shroud,
lying in a voiceless grave;
an owl howls "goodbye"

Silent wind wailing
the sounds of tears never shed --
there is no way back.

On this autumn night,
there is poison in the air --
a storm is coming.

To love is to hurt
even a red rose has thorns...
the last tree leaf falls.

A snake has succumbed
to its own poisonous bite --
everything turns back.

Copyright authors, 2002