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First European Meeting
Deutsche Haiku Gesellschaft
Bad Nauheim - May 13-15th, 2005

The Deutsche Haiku Gesellschaft had the good idea to organize the first European Haiku Meeting in Bad Nauheim (Germany) on May 14th, 2005. It was a good moment to have an update of the developpement of the writing of haiku in the continent and above all to meet us...


Pictures and presentations on the site of the DHG

David Codd, Martin Lucas (UK)

My first impressions :

- This first European meeting is very important because it means the realization of the existence of an European haiku community inside the international community.

- The organization was very good and the place wonderful : a village dedicated to the culture of the roses near a spa town.

- Most of the European countries were present. Quite all the Southern countries were absent (Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece...). Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic were also absent perhaps because of the meeting in Sofia and Constanta this Summer.

- The absence of latin countries but Romania rises an important question. Is it a problem due to the latin mind ? Their writing culture ? The mechanism of association ?

- The growing of the writers number is due to the growing of the editors of personal collections in a world that was not oriented to the internet.

- 90% of the participants have an email address. It is not a matter of age.

- All the participants want to exchange.

- We all seem to have a great problem with the definition of haiku. Trends rise to the use of poetical devices inherited from our education. This point is very important because it defines an European community with it own concerns, different from those of the international (anglo-saxon) community. The beginning of a space for discussions, exchanges, questionings was founded there.

- Europe is seen as an open space for exchanges.

Serge Tomé

Laura Vaceanu, Vasile Moldovan, Mihaela Popescu (Romania)


Dragan Ristic (Serbia - Montenegro)


Edin Saracevic, Alenka Zorman (Slovenia)


Some members of the European haiku family