Revista Societarii de HAIKU din Constanta - Romania

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We would like to inform you that we have decided to organize a haiku Congress in Constanta from June 1st to June 5th 2007: HAIKU – BRIDGE BETWEEN ORIENTAL AND OCCIDENTAL CULTURES. It is intended to be a celebration on the 15th anniversary of the Haiku Society of Constantza, Romania, too. We will be honored to have you as participants. There will be organized trips to museums and monasteries in Dobrogea (4-5 June). The schedule of activities will consist of 3 days with conferences on the following sections:

- haiku in education;
- renku -literary workshop;
- haiku and the fine arts;
- public debate on haiku poetry and related genres.

There will also be books and reviews in Haiku Collection and artistic products by pupils and their teachers, haiga exhibition, haiku poets. If you have some suggestions, we are open to any of them.

If you like to participate, please let us know until the 1 March 2007. If you want to deliver a paper conference, please send it or the summary of it until the 15st of March 2007. The conference venue will be Park Hotel in Mamaia, High School in Constantza, For accomodation we offert at PARC HOTEL***, IN MAMAIA: SINGLE 25 EURO/ 33 DOLLARS A DAY BY PERSO; TWO BED 36 EURO (A PERSON IS 18 EURO); 46 DOLLARS (23 DOLLARS A PERSON); LUNCH AND DINNER IS 22 EURO A DAY/ 27 DOLLARS BY DAY; BREACKFAST IS INCLUDED . An other offert is in MAMAIA too, but on a beach of Sutghiol lake aproximativly 1-1/2 km far from Parc hotel. It is about SAGUNA HOTEL* WITH WARM AND COLD WATER ALL DAY, BUT NO BATHROOM IN THE SAME ROOM. There is a shower in the hall for two persons. There are rooms: single 10 euro;/12 dollars, double 18 dollars per person only 9/ 14 euro and 7 per person; room with three bed 18 euro and 6 per person/24 dollars and 8 dollars per person. The possibility for meal it is the National restaurant near Saguna hotel. For the trips we hope to have some sponsors. English will be the basic language for all partcipants.

More information call for SAGUNA, between 1-15 April, at tel. 0241/831956; 0788490246; for PARC, call at 0241/831720 beginning with 1st March. For supplementary information use the phone numbers: 0341/408421; 0723/230273 (Laura V.); 0241/695143 (Alexandra M.)

Yours sincerely,
The Haiku Society Staff from Constantza