Revista Societarii de HAIKU din Constanta - Romania

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The Haiku Society of Constanta organizes a haiku congress in Constanta, on June, between 1th-5th to celebrate its 15th anniversary. (Feb.18, 2007)


Albatros is the magazine of the Constanta Haiku Society, founded in 1991, which published haiku, linked forms, essays & reviews about haiku in both Romanian and English language. 

The Constantza Haiku Society is a nonprofit association with the purpose of promoting Japanese lyric species. there is no pay for th editorial staff, collaborators and translators. Anyone who wants to offer any financial support to our publication wil be considered a friend of Albatros.

Issues :

N 1(4) 2005
Winter/Spring/Summer Year XIII - New Serie

N 2/1 (5-6) 2005/2006 Autumn/Winter - Year XIII - New Series

N 2 (7) 2006 Spring/Summer- Year XIV - New Series (Nov.1st)

Email - Laura Vaceanu : laura_vaceanu AT

Subscription : 20$/euros (Asia, America, Australia; 10$/euros Europa). Please send us either in dollars or euros. You may send them on Mr. Radu Patrichi's address: Tulcei Street, No.3, Bl, S. esc. A, Floor 8,ap.36. Code 900434, Constantza - Romania. Phone : 0241/651002, email radu_patrich AT The money can be sent too, in euros or $ by Transfer Money Western Union. The subscription is annual, including two issues of Albatross; it expires on December 31st.

ISSN 1221-4841