Anti-War Haiku Wall


wrapped in u.s.flags 'criminals & killers' written over the stripes

one demonstator carries a sign 'Viva La France'

my weekend: protest marches on saturday peace vigils on sunday

a moment of silence while the time bomb is ticking



Inspired by a set of Marlene's links.


'life of riley' no use gettin' riled up over it

fences to defenses neighbor to neighbor

puzzle vision is that the sun over those trees

terrorist real estate except no one wants my patch of rocks

48 hours ok 48 more coz no one's cooperating

rsvp what if you gave a war and nobody came

windy today is rumsfeld on again?

mapquest everyone knows where you live

beware of dark suits in dark places

jumping cursor one profanity to the next

unsaved prairies those chickens better start kneeling

Cindy Tebo (USA)