War is NOT a solution...

March 20th - April 15th


Other walls...


twenty one gun salute -
the deep hollow sound
that follows



the camps



spring -
the yellow color
of cluster bombs




war escalation -
cherry blossoms burst forth
in the countryside

Carmen Sterba


An old pair of shoes
at the feet of dead soldier
wind woven sand shroud



'light of liberty'
prisoners seated in the dust
warriors standing up

imperial spring --
in the desert dust
seeds of terrorism



I remember from ground zero
dead bodies and
broken statues of Rodin

Daniel Py (France)


first day of war --
I change the blade
of my cutter


daisy cutter --
a bomb for a country
without flowers






dried cherry flower
among pictures of his wife
soldier at home



first day of war -
on a sunlit white wall
two flies making love

Dietmar Tauchner,



fog around the sun -
rumours of atrocities
in a distant land

Alison (UK)


Bagdad market
Whitsunday first fruits
baptism of fire



indiscriminate firing,
another war of oxymorons
and desert blossoms

deborah russell


Spring 2003



first cheers
tearing down his pictures
in the south

mike farley


Bagdad bombings
The couple next door
still fighting

Daniel Py



South Station --
a little boy pets
the bomb-sniffing dog


Paul David Mena



first day of war
a lost dog
comes to my door

deborah russell (USA)

from cradle of
civilization to burial ground---
metal rain



news of the war
i knit my worry
into this sweater



cruise missile strike
quakers stand on the corner
holding candles




after the bombing
blue sky replaced the buildings-
pinks were in blossom

Jack Galmitz


lullaby -
a handfull of petals
dropped one by one

rocked cradle -
a cluster of buds
that will not bloom

mayhem so soon after april's fool day

sprite (UK)



these battlefields
are not fields -- palm-lined boulevards
of old Baghdad

j r snyder (Austin)


Blumen auf dem Grab
des unbekannten Soldaten
eine Mutter weint a mother crying


flowers on the grave
of the unknown soldier
a mother crying

Renate Kuppers



war news dead bean vines rustle in the breeze

distant bombs a thin wisp of smoke from the chimney

Heather Madrone


spring breeze -
the movement of empty swings
and airborne pollutants

deborah russell


second thursday of the war
the same lawn, the same sun,
- the same pigeon ?



some nerve . . .
the pigeon in its cage
another victim

Karma Tenzing Wangchuk


Under a pink sky
pink blossoms rain on pink thoughts
blood remains red

Moussia - Roma


Maple leaves unfurl
Shrapnel lodges in young girl's spine
Mockingbird returns

Holliday Cullimore (USA)



spring cleaning -
a dust storm
cleaning house

deborah russell


migration -
a flight of B52
heading East


grain after grain
bomb after bomb
shelter chapelet

Serge Tomé (Belgium)


small girl
gathering Sakura petals
in her mother`s hands

Etsuko (Japan)



of a pre-emptive strike
out of the night
the clank and rattle of
a heavy chain uncoiling

Alison (UK)

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