Quelle chaleur ! - Global Warm/ning !

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On the World Kigo Database (Gabi Greve) : Global Warming

On tempslibres - free times : Hurricane !

Phenology - the study of observable and measurable events that tend to occur annually at the Lakeshore Preserve
The USA National Phenology Network

climate changes and haiku with an essay by Naomi Oreskes

Enviroku : haiku, haiku-like protests

Enviroku is a relatively new medium for used by many environmental activists all over the world.
This method seeks to implant messages in not only the minds but also the hearts of the its target audiences by combining the ancient Japanese art of haiku with important messages about today's issues.

quote from here http://www.az-encyclopedia.info/e/1532343_Enviroku/

Sky Metrics: Climate Change Protection Program: "Haiku"

EDF: Envionmental Defense Fund
Sample haiku on the envionment

"Haiku" on ecology and the environment (examples)

Legal Planet: the Environmental Law and Policy Blog

Haiku Page of the Passionate Crone
Climate Change Haiku (some examples)

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