Articles and Essays


Style and Spirit in French Haikus - by Georges C. Friedenkraft (France) (19 mai 2007)

On writing haiku : Kalamu ya Salaam from ChickenBones: A Journal for Literary & Artistic African-American Themes

La notion de territoire dans la poésie bretonne de langue française contemporaine - Nathalie Caradec (Bretagne)

Le haïku, une force qui dépasse les frontières : Alain Kervern (France)

On Western Haiku : Cor van den Heuvel

The Other Side of the Coin : Haiku and the Harsh Realities by Peter Brady, Canada

Repetition - For Meaning and Melody by Florence Vilén, Sweden

The Void as an haiku concept, Serge Tomé, Belgium

Sur des similitudes entre alchimie et haiku, Serge Tomé, Belgium

Haiku about almost Nothing by Max Verhart, NL

The many shapes of the scarecrow by Max Verhart, NL

The 'Webolution' of Haiku by William J. Higginson, USA

Haiku, an adapted form to the present world by Serge Tomé, Belgium

The cultural differences in the writing of haiku : a new method to analyse the haiku, by Serge Tomé, Belgium in Mushimegane n° 15.

Haiku : a state of receptiveness by Carlos Fleitas, Uruguay (15 Mar.)


Haiku Writing

What you say is what you are. by Max Verhart

Notes for New Haiku Writers in Western Countries by Horst E. Ludwig

Marlène Mountain : important essays about commited haiku



The Matsuyama Declaration (the future of  haiku)



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