Quels noms ont les lunes. . .

In the American Tradition, each moon have a name.

In the Farmer's Almanac, we can found some information. Between parenthesis, another naming convention.

March : Sap, Crow, Lenten, (Chaste)

April : Pink, Sprouting Grass, Egg, Fish, (Seed)

May : Flower, Corn Planting, Milk, (Hare)

June : Strawberry, Rose, Hot, (Dyad) and also Honey

July : Buck, Thunder, Hay, (Mead)

August : Sturgeon, Red, Green Corn, Grain, (Corn)

September : Harvest, Corn, Barley
The Harvest Moon is always the full Moon closest to the autumnal equinox. If Harvest Moon occurs in October, the September full Moon is usually called the Corn Moon.

October : Hunter's, Travel, Dying Grass, (Blood)

November : Beaver, Frost, (Snow)

December : Cold, Long Nights, (Oak), and also Moon before Yule

January : Wolf, Old, and also Moon after Yule

February : Snow, Hunger, Storm

I found on the Haiku-Inn List of David Coomler some old terms for the "moons" of the Lakota Sioux (of the now United States), which are the equivalent of our "months":

January: The Hardship Moon;
February: The Raccoon Moon, The Dead Moon;
March: The Sore Eyes Moon;
April: The Ducks Come Together Moon;
May: The Having Tree Leaves Moon;
June: The Wild Turnip Moon;
July: The Black Chokecherry Moon;
August: The Red Plums Moon;
September: The Leaves Turn Yellow Moon;
October: The Tree Leaves Shaken Off Moon;
November: The Time of Snow Being Moon;
December: The Snow Being Moon, The Middle Moon.

The old Lakota year generally began with the "Ducks Come Together Moon," the time when ducks returned from their wintering in more southern regions.

(published with David's agreement)

In German :

Januar: Hartmond, Eismond, Schneemond, Wolfsmond
Februar: Narrenmond, Schmelzmond, Taumond
März: Frühlingsmond
April: Ostermond
Mai: Weidemond, Wonnemond, Marienmond
Juni: Brachmond, Rosenmond
Juli: Heumond
August: Erntemond, Sichelmond
September: Herbstmond
Oktober: Weinmond, Dachsmond
November: Nebelmond, Wintermond, Windmond
Dezember: Julmond, Christmond, Heiligmond, Wolfsmond, Schlachtmond

From : the Worldkigodatabase (Gabi Greve)

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