Haiku from Islam

Ali(ra), son in law of the Prophet(saws), and father of Hassan and Hussein, and the first convert to Islam after Mohammed's wife Khadija, commented on the very first sentence of the Quran. The Quran begins with invocation: "in the name of God, of Mercy, of Compassion" [rough translation] and the first word in Arabic is BSMLLH. (pronounced bismillah 'in the name of God'). The letter 'b' is indicated by one dot under the line. So, Ali (ra) said the whole universe is the Quran. The Whole Quran is the first 'stanza' called "Opening". The whole of "Opening" is the invocation "bismillah irrahman irrahim" and the whole "bismillah irrahman irrahim" is the B, and the B is the dot. (The dot BTW is modern physics' singularity which we now call the big bang universe).

In the beginning, the word is, God is, the universe is.


Isa Kocker (Turkey)

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