Haiku from Islam

      in an olive grove
          a mother buries her son

not a Gandhi nor a Mandela nor a Mother Theresa, and it is not just the Palestinians and the Israelis. I believe (I don't know what other word to use) we, each one of us, can and will stop it when we finally have had enough. It is not just them. All of us whether we know it or not are torn and ripped and knocked down daily by this battle over God's Holy Land.

my verse was not so much a reference to the conflict : it was a Good Friday "koan" (what else could I call it?), but it was influenced by my stay in Palestine which is so beautiful and precious a place, the land of milk and honey in a way I never understood until I went and stayed and worked there. Going home at night and hearing the nightingale, seeing the plum and almond trees bloom in spring, tasting the different olive oils from my neighbors' groves, knowing who had walked those hills and valleys two thousand and three thousand and four thousand years ago. If Saladin the Great and Richard the Lionhearted can be friends so can we all.

love and peace isa in istanbul

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