Haiku from Islam

Berat Kandil (leylatul Berat) is the 14th/15th of the month of Shaban, night of the full moon before the beginning of Ramazan. The Muslim calendar is lunar. That is tonight. Berat Kandil is dedicated to forgiveness. It is a time to examine one's conscience and to redirect one's attention to renewing dedication to living. "kandil" means 'candle' in Turkish and there are certain nights where the lights are kept on all night in places of worship so people can pray and visit holy places. Leylatul Berat in Arabic. "Berat Eve."

  full moon
      Berat Kandil

birds sing
        Berat Kandil

3 days of rain end
     before sunset
         Berat Kandil

love and peace isa in istanbul

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