Haiku from Islam

Ramazan 2006

Sept. 25th

  perfectly round pancakes
      for iftar

Sunday was the first day of Ramazan, and the break fast is at sunset. No food or drink and such during the day time until the sun goes down. The usual word for the first meal is iftar which means "breakfast.'

May God grant us peace in the world and love in our hearts

       sounds of rain
rain washes away
    the sheep's blood
        neighbor's iftar

Sept. 27th

azan on the radio
     the newstand
         outside Starbuck's
sliver of new moon
     above the avenue
           iftar at Starbuck's
between the buildings
     the new moon blinks
          waiting for the call to prayer

Oct. 1st

stray little kitten
kids looking for scraps
one hour before iftar
kid's tete a tete
solemn debate
what to do with the stray kitten
Deniz snapping pictures
kids on the front steps
deciding the kitten's fate
soft sunny afternoon
street full of kids
in an hour iftar
serious old man
hurrying home for iftar
stops to say selam
the kids
stray kitten
our street

Oct. 3rd

a half moon in a clear sky
 a week already gone
   in Ramadan 

Oct. 5th

call to prayer
    one last sip of tea
      with cream

Right now is the month of Ramazan, and fasting starts about 1 and a half to 2 hours before sunrise (like at the first light before dawn) and goes until sunset.

During the Month of Ramazan, Morning and Evening calls to prayer tell you when to stop and when to start eating again. First light is called imsak, which means something like "shut your mouth" MSK in Arabic means "to hold and keep it." This year I am basically all alone for the first time in my life during Ramazan (you know: life in the big city) so my dearest friend right now is my tea, first sip with the evening call to prayer and the last with the morning call to prayers. Nothing like an old friend! To make the day go.

I can't get any really special teas here, only commercial brands, but one company sells a Ceylon and a Darjeeling which I have found are very special anyway.

I have also found a very nice jasmine tea which I put in my omelets for break fast and for last meal (sahur). Really super!

clear sky tonight
counting the minutes
tomorrow the moon is full

Ramazan starts with the first sliver of the new moon and ends that way too. So the full moon means the month is half over, two weeks to go.

pouring the hot water
fills the whole house
with the scent of tea
the scent of tea
fills the house
waiting for the call to prayer

Oct. 23th

3id mubarek

Bayram mubarek, kutlu, ve hayirli olsun dilerim

!!!Happy Feast of Eat!!!

Today is 3id ul Fitr, Ramazan Feast Day

The end of Ramazan is the end of the holy month of the fast, and its name in Arabic is literally Feast of Eat

peace and love and blessings and joy for all God's creatures and all of God's universe and prayers for peace.

isa in istanbul

*azan is the call to prayer: iftar is immediately after the call to prayer at sunset

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