Haiku from Islam

Bera'at 2008

clear night sky
lunar eclipse
15 days to go...

Bera'at, which is the full moon of the month of Shaban, is one of the major spiritually significant days of the Hijri calendar.

Many people fast the day before the full moon in the month of Shaban. The Night of Bera'a is one of the special nights which commemorate stages/events in the development of the Prophet's life. The night of the full moon in Shaban marks the mniddle of the three holy months. The three holy months are Rajab, Shaban and Ramazan. Ramazan in the last of the three holy months when all argument is forbidden, all killing, all disagreement. The three months which culminate on the 1st of Shawwal which is the Celebration of Eating. (literally)(3id in Arabic is celebration and Fitr is to eat breakfast). The word bera'ah means emancipation, pardon, get out of jail free card. Ramazan is the month during which the Quran was first revealed and the message of peace forgiveness and universal family of humanity. Quran means recitiation, and means the message is being spoken aloud for all to hear. During Ramazan everyone who can recites the whole Quran for all who can listen (after not before breaking the fast :-)

I think the roots are B-R-hamza. [the "t" here is morphophonemic, without lexical meaning] Kandil is Turkish literally for "candle" as all the candles were lit all night long in all the mosques by order of the Emperor. In Persian, Kurdish, Ordu, and those languages the night is called Shaab/Shav Beraat. shab/shav means night.

15th of Shaban
Dark Knight at the movies
and a lunar eclipse
15th of Shaban after the movie
my favorite taxi driver
takes me home.
15th of Shaban
after the movie some gossip
about god
on the stoop we sit
drinking tea in the dark
lunar eclipse
15th of Shaban
after the movie
news  about Georgia
15th of Shaban
on the trauma e-list
do Chinese grieve
my son
back home again
15th of Shaban
after the lunar eclipse
gossip about god
and some tea
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Copyright Isa Kocher, 2008