Haiku from Islam

newroz piroz be

off to the market
the icy wind knifes right through
feelings of spring
garden chimes
ringing out
march winds
my aquarium family
gold fish deliriously unaware
of the cold outside
cold wet week
and one sunny day today
newroz piroz be
police embargo
picnic baskets and beach blankets

"newroz piroz be" is Kurdish for Happy New Year. Vernal Equinox, March 21 is the traditional Anatolian Middle Eastern New Years Day. Traditionally the emperor (Persian, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman) led his whole palace out to the park for a picnic, and socially prominent wealthy family's all had specially built gazebos for their annual spring picnic...

Zoroastrians relit the sacred fire. Parsi and Alevi boys jump over bonfires. Newroz is literally older than history. The Persian emperor before Alexander the Great personally relit the fire. Abraham (aws) was thrown into the fire but it became for him a rose garden. Daniel (aws) danced in the fire. Today they use diesel instead of bonfires, sometimes.

diesel fumes
waft from the newroz fires
everyone old ladies and babies dancing
fifteen hundred years old
the Roman walls
boys beat out the rhythms on drums
police in riot gear
all around
surrounding the picnickers
smiling his peace sign
teenager in a wheelchair
wearing his newroz bandana
in full blossom
cherry trees
all along the railroad tracks
tempslibres - free times
Copyright Isa Kocher, 2008