Haiku from Islam

Rebiyulevvel 12

meeting over
in Chihangir's dark crooked streets
new cherry blossoms

Cihangir is where James Baldwin wrote his first novel and lived many years. It used to be the gay and trans district red light district, peopled with artist as well.

Now it is yuppified with all kinds of cute little restaurants and pubs. The Thai curry broiled salmon I ate was really delicious, as we counted the ballots for the Democrats Abroad.

Mohammed's birthday
begins with a good flood
of god's mercy

Rebiyulevvel 12 is the date of the birthday of the Prophet (saws) and this year that was March 20, but the day begins at sundown by Islamic reckoning (just like the Christian day does.) The Prophet (saws) was born during the night. It is 2 days before the full moon. So the day after his birthday, you see a full moon (weather permitting).

The taxi driver and I agreed on what is essential, as we drive slowly through the slightly flooded highway: traffic is light.

Newroz posters
besides Ataturk's pictures
it's too cold for spring yet.

Kurdish nationalism centers on Zoroastrian, Farsi, Parsi, Alevi New Year : the vernal equinox, and boys jump over bonfires Ataturk outlawed Newroz because it is celebrated by Kurds, and it is also outlawed by most Islamic scholars, because of its association at least historically with fire worship, but as a part of the Islamic AK Party's (Justice Party's) hopes for entering the EU and seeing full religious freedom in Turkey [Islam is still forbidden constitutionally in the republic and only allowed if it conforms to the secular state department of religious affairs similar to the Chinese system.] Newroz now has parliamentary support, another reason why the military is literally up in arms and the "secularists" have sewed the courts to ban the ruling party from government. So excuse a little bit of pun here, it really is too cold for spring today, 9 degrees and the same tomorrow.

walking to the wedding office
through the park
cold feet

it really is too cold yet for spring no joke

on the way to the marriage bureau
we get lost
in the heavy rain

My Kurdish friend wants desperately to be able to visit Europe. Her mother's in the hospital, and she needs a car to get there more easily. Another good friend of mine and she are going to start working as waiters in a brand new shopping center where there upscale new cute restaurants. Getting married to a European is one way to obtain valid travel rights in the Union. Especially when you are already friends. Good company is a great gift.

warming up at the shopping center
sipping real Mayan cocoa
live jazz
Back home
clothes from the washing machine
can wait till tomorrow.

The marriage bureau opens at nine, and the weather report say no rain. Some wind and cold.

gold fish noses poke out
new shoots sprouting on the sea weed
tempslibres - free times
Copyright Isa Kocher, 2008