Haiku from Islam

3id 2007

half a moon clear sky
in a couple of days
we eat a lot of sheep

Of course, what people do today seldom resembles the promises they made yesterday, and we use our words as weapons to kill the memory of it. I hope what I say here is useful.

Literally, in Arabic, the word Islam itself mean Pacificism. Selamu aleykum means Peace be with you. Muslim means pacifist. The word in Arabic is S-L-M and it means peace, Islam's most important feast day, we just celebrated, the feast of adha, feast of the vow, feast of the promise, both the promises made to God and God's promises to us.

The haj ends on the tenth of the month of Haj with 3id ul adha, festival of the vow.

3id means festival or holy day, adha means a vow, such as a vow to make a sacrifice.

Abraham the Prophet made an (apparently) rash and hasty vow to sacrifice his greatest love if God gave him a son. God did, and Abraham discovered he was not able to sacrifice the very son he promised to make a sacrifice for: he loved his son above all. Nevertheless, Abraham the prophet decided to keep his vow. God forgave him his rash vow and supplied a ram instead. 3id ul adha is the celebration of God's forgiveness of the rashest of human promises. God fulfills all vows. God makes perfect everything. God's creation is perfect and God's mercy supreme over all, so anything other than mercy is not real, but a mistake, a mistake, wanting something better than the best. There is no greater mercy than mercy itself.

That is the basic story of Haj and of Islam despite all that has been said since the first Haj performed by Abraham father of prophets. Even today though there are those who keep the faith in its original form which is never hurt anyone for any reason, but take care of each other. It also just happens to be human biology and human nature, with no human species wide historical faith ever having said otherwise.

ice cold sunrise prayers
over an open fire
shish kabobed mutton

prayers at sunrise are forbidden all year except the two 3ids, eid ul fitr (feast of eating~ literally) and eid ul adha, feast of the vow.

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