Haiku from Islam

Ramazan 2007

August 27th, 2007

sudden storm
neighbors soaking wet
some running some walking
scrubbing floors
full moon
Ramazan soon
running laughing
in the rain
kids off to the store
trash truck trash men
take their time
despite the downpour
racing the rain
neighbor Mert
off to the Internet
wounded bird in hand
medicine from the vet
old lady looks out her window
at the rain
not at me

summer rain is a special blessing, and the traditional idiom is "God's mercy's falling"

rain on a holiday is NOT a tragedy but a sign of God's love.

when the rain starts, whatever one prays for is granted.

The Islamic Hijri Calendar is strictly lunar. This year, the 15th of Shaban is today starting at sunset, and the full moon, two weeks before Ramazan begins and the last "night of lights" "kandil" holy days in the 3 month of period of peace and prayer, Rajab, Shaban, Ramazan.

this is a somewhat long, but historically true story: A very famous preacher used to whistle a short shepherd's song before preaching. He was asked why once. He explained. Traditionally university students spent Ramazan in far flung villages where there was no imam as a special spiritual practice. He said during one summer before Ramazan (the month of Ramazan changes every year), he and his two best friends were off to various villages and a rain storm began. The fled to a tree where there was a shepherd boy and his sheep. The boy saw the three scholars and asked them to pray in honor of the rains. All four prayed. The boy then asked what each scholar had prayed for. One said he prayed to be so rich the sultan would come to borrow money from him. The second asked to be so powerful, the world would come to him for favors. The third said that he prayed to be so knowledgeable to world would come to him for advice. The preacher went on to explain that his first friend was so rich the Sultan borrows money from him, the second is the vizier, prime minister, and he himself is Sheikh ul Islam, head legal scholar of the Empire. He went on the explain that they asked the boy what he had prayed for and the boy said he had asked God to forgive his sins and the sins of the three sheikhs and to grant them a seat next to the Prophet in the here after. The preacher then explained that he whistled that boys tune before he preached to remind him how far he was from true love and faith and how little he knew, and since that day he has prayed for the gift of faith of that little boy.

holy rain
so much pain
in my legs

Sept 14th, 2007

ducks dogs trucks tractors
a motorcycle at dusk
Ramazan begins

*The month of Ramazan begins with the sighting of the new moon at dusk, immediately after the sun sets

the first Ramazan prayers are after night prayers, which take place about two hours after sunset, after nightfall.

after the night prayers there are 20 cycles of Ramazan prayers each night,[but in some communities only 8 are done, since there is no absolute agreement on this matter...] and after that is the closing last prayer of the day.

Sept 22th, 2007

breaking the saum --
Muslim brothers sit
together and feast

saum refers to the term of ramadhan -- it's the fasting itself

breaking the saum --
Muslims sit together
at the mosque
the Ramadhan --
a nice aroma of
the iftah preparation

iftah is the time that all Muslims break their saum

along Masimba Road
two brothers in kanzus --
time for worship

kanzus are the long white garments worn by Muslim men for worship

happy Muslims
wishing each other the best --
saumul maqbul

saumul maqbul means a blessed saum or Ramadhan or an accepted one

~ Hussein Haji

dry lips --
going to the mosque
for noon prayers
evening at the market
buying foodstuffs
ready for iftah
waiting for iftah
delicious meal
running to the mosque
to honour the month
of Ramadhan

~ Beth Mwangi

vehicles move
along a murram road --
a cloud of dust
tick  tock
goes the clock
it's already late
tempslibres - free times
Copyright Isa Kocher, 2008