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Комарци у граду - Mosquitoes in the City
Predrag Pešić

Predrag Pešić Sera (1956) was born in Trpeza near Kosovska Vitina, Kosovo and Metohija, Serbjia. He lives as a displaced person in Smederevo.

His works have been translated into English, Japanese, Russian, Greek, Hebrew, German and Slovenian.

He published a book of contemporary poetry "A butterfly on the stone", 2000. Later, a few bilingual (Serbian - English) books followed : Sun leaves (2001), Branches full of stars (2009), Water dragon (2011) and Leafless shadows (2012). He won numerous international awards and his works have been published in many international anthologies.

Hot coffee -
the odor of flowers
in a vase
Boatmen went with
the north wind.
Picket flowers -
the girl's t-shirt
got wet.
Drizzling rain ...
canceling the fishing plan
over a cell phone.
Last night snow...
love traces sown
by cats.
A strok's nest
on the top of
million-dollars building.
Rising dust -
young pheasants
rushed somewhere.
By the tomb...
gravediggers dug a grave
for another person.
Shining drops
on the sprayed grapevine --
poisonous smell.
crows fly away
from the village houses.
We welcome the first raindrops
in silence.
Black bugs
killed on the road -
sunny rain.
I opened the can ...
sardines swimming
in the oil.

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couverture du livre

Комарци у граду - Mosquitoes in the city.


Editions Dejan Bogojevic, Valjevo ,
ISBN 978-86-88719-13-1
96 pages, format 20,5x13,5cm
Traduction de Saša Važić