Traces Cahiers Trimestriels de Lettres et d'Arts






To take French leave (extraits)   michel-françois lavaur

Church in the darkness.
A stone angel's smile
when the moon appears.


Alone again
sheets like cold stone
to bed gone.
Shooting stars
but best wishes
are fallen ashes.
  Wild rabbit
nesting in my shelter
Paradise found.
  Odd sparrow
pecking the window
mightly now !
Dressing a shop window
a nice young girl
as slender as her models !
  Toffee. Coffee ? Holding
two round ice-creams
like her small breasts!
  Alluring maid
with her big tits
in a very small bra !
Diana the huntess
has lots her bow.
Moon quarter.
Spotless Conception.
My mother, sister, wife, daughter
are dirty born ?
No tears no cries
when the butterfly
in May dies.
  Metallic beeper
- lost Overlord's parachutist ? -
in the blackbird voice.
  Keeping steady
blackbird under the snow
slowly put on magpie's dress.
  Extraits de Traces 135, 1999

Copyright M-F Lavaur, 1999
Illustrations M-F Lavaur