tempslibres.org : Coups de coeur

Année 2013 : du 1 au 15 mai

nella coppella
scavata nella roccia
galleggia un grillo

in the cupel
carved in the stone
a floating cricket

dans la coupelle
creusée dans la roche
flotte un grillon

Incisioni rupestri del nord Italia, età del ferro. / North Italy: rocky carvings, Iron Age.

Moussia Fantoli
Roma Italy

giorno di sole
sulla facciata sale
l'ombra del fumo

sunny day
climbing onto the facade
the smoke shadow

jour ensoleillé
sur la façade monte
l'ombre de la fumée

Moussia Fantoli
Roma Italy

heavy rain
a darkening sky
behind her face

summer storm
the estate sale next door
continues on

It's pouring here and was so dark at 10am, I thought it was 10pm. /The elderly neighbor passed away 2 weeks ago...her "kids" (older than me!) are squabbling over who gets what and selling everything not worth fighting for. /People are still arriving in the rain to pick through her life. So sad.

Paula Fisher
Key Largo, Florida USA

Sunday afternoon
bittersweet chocolate
and swapped addresses

dimanche après-midi
chocolat doux-amer
et adresses échangées

Paula Fisher
Key Largo, Florida USA

Sunday dusk
a last wine bottle
piled in the trunk

(dimanche au crépuscule
une dernière bouteille de vin
s'ajoute dans le coffre arrière)

Paula Fisher
Key Largo, Florida USA

El Hueso's dry bones
still wrapped in a uniform
that he so disgraced.

Miami USA

old, brittle, dry bones
found inside a uniform
a past imperfect

On the passing of Jorge Rafael Videla, Argentine general whose 1976 coup brought much pain and blood. Videla, a ferret of a man, was known as "El Hueso," for his thinness.

Miami USA

Sulle fiancate
che graffiò il cacciavite
molti adesivi

On the sides
scratched with a screwdriver
many stickers

Sur les côtés
griffés avec un tourne-vis
beaucoup d'autocollants

Paul Anthony
Loughborough UK

changement climatique -
les fleurs du magnolia
noyées dans le vert

face Nord des iris -
un escargot escalade
la plus haute feuille

éclaircie -
un papillon blanc
traverse la rue

Damien Gabriels
Leers France