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holiday shopping : Cindy, Claire

'earth wars' 4/30/03 : cindy, shuni, carmen, marlene

desert storm : Micheline, Daniel, Sprite

They Speak Of War by: Allen McGill (Mexico), H. Gene Murtha (USA), Ron C. Moss (Australia)

angry (from the 'dorothy connection' a series of one line linked haiku 'mountain sonnets')

Thread for Peace from Bashos

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On the Road to Basra: A Kasen Renku
This anti-war, thirty-six stanza poem was composed by an international team of ten poets living on four continents while American and British troops took Iraq by force of arms this March and April. (William J. Higginson, webmaster of Renku Home)


With Marlene Mountain...

'hands', 'on women in Afghanistan'