Anti-War Haiku Wall


They Speak Of War

by: Allen McGill (Mexico), H. Gene Murtha (USA),
Ron C. Moss (Australia)

new graves
in the old battleground
another sunrise

morning-glories bloom
as they speak of war

imperial armies
rise and fall -
an orphaned child cries

a stray dog
seeks food in the ruins

we laugh
play hide 'n seek
the B-2 overhead

women and babies
collateral damage


from the 'dorothy connection'
a series of one line linked haiku 'mountain sonnets'

awakened by the honking of cars
raging rivers follow raging clouds
pist at the men pist at each other
ask any minority it's apathy that kills
in your own backyard except you don't really own it
beyond reason a body-belt full of explosives
they hurt us ‘they’ started it all
leaking inside her cocaine
eighteen months old and dressed as a suicide bomber
armistice day whichever way you look at it we never learn
veteran's day parade the march after a few prayers and some church bells
a heated exchange about asylum seekers
all his life the sound of copters have spelled 'war'
lied to again he should know better

gg(1,7,13) ct(2,5,11) mm(3) sw(4,8,9,10) sa(14) pc(6,12)

gary gach cindy tebo marlene mountain sheila windsor stephen addiss paul conneally



Thread for Peace from Bashos:

Gary Blankenship (gb) Peter Pache, John Dunphy (JJD), Gary Gach (gg) Soji, Cindy Tebo (ct), Sprite, Tenzing (ktw), Lynne Steel (l), Benita (b), Marylouise Knight (mk), Heather Madrone (hm), Lisa Janice Cohen (ljc), and Elbert Pruitt (ep)

"that horror of harsh wire"* again the voices cut short /gb

*From "The Show," by Wilfred Owen, perhaps the best of the English War
Poets, dead at 25 in the battle of Sambre Canal, 1918.

Vietnam protest draft cards burn / peter

Kent State a bloodied peace button / JJD

in the ashes of Thich Quanq Duc the monk's heart still beating / gg

treaty signed as the ink dries preparations for the next /gb

a bus bombed a village destroyed ashes,ashes, we all fall down /soji

texas tea(oil that is) it's to die for / soji

peace march tear gas tears / peter

we were half a million the media reported 125.000 /sprite

burning question for the motor pool 'what would jesus drive?' / ktw

oil for blood to appease the gods of nationalism /gb

gallons of gas burned traveling to the peace rally /l

somewhere in the world cars that work on water systems / benita

non-supported non-electric non-oil cars that run on water / b

the Guard called up how is that no one seems to notice /mk

train station packed peace activists of every color /hm

when else have so many demonstrated before a war hadn't taken place /gg

the peace candidate bleeding from a bullet wound /JJD

Mahatma Ghandi sits / peter

we spin and spin and spin to end up in the same shit /gb

a desire to be the eye of the storm /sprite

a step at a time behind Thich Naht Hanh /sprite

'war is stupid' my 9 year old explains to his brother/ljc

ploughing for peace the prophets at Parihaka /benita

defying the people UK leaders follow US aghast Europe watches /spr.

war as vendetta a son takes up his fathers sword / soji

winged flight but it won't be angels /ct

the arrested activist his clenched fist broken by cops /JJD

peace threads mostly about violence /l

labeled LIBERAL for giving a damn /ep

destroy to save weeds grow where children played /gb


Copyright authors, 2003