Anti-War Haiku Wall



holiday shopping saddam scratched off our most-wanted list / ct

new green light for a 'white' Christmas for iraqi kids /s (cc)

a middle-east western the action shot of a tongue depressor /ct

the ebb and flow of which side claims 'i told you so' /s (cc)

'we've got the tyrant' as if there's only one /ct

the bloody words of the french anthem i refuse to teach * /s (cc)

'a dark and painful era is over' but what if bush gets re-elected /ct

free reign to the law of the jungle and world abdomination /s (cc)

(cc - Claire Chatelet / ct - Cindy Tebo)



desert storm / embargo and sand /endless M.
tempête du désert / embargo et sable / sans fin

tanks already dusty / dispatched so soon S.
les chars d'assaut ensablés /  trop tôt à la frontière 

between the grains / seeds / of hope D.
entre les grains/ des pousses / d’espoir  

more missiles in the night/ more stars on the flag M.
plus de missiles dans la nuit / plus d’étoiles sur le drapeau

from East to West candles lit in the night                            S
d'Est en Ouest des bougies qu'on allume dans la nuit   

towns switching off / the Mosque of Baghdad / as a lighthouse             M
les villes s'éteignent une à une / la Mosquée de Baghdad comme un phare

all those young faces for whom it is the first time        S
tous ces jeunes visages pour qui c'est la première fois

for some it's the second time around / Baghdad    D
pour certains / c’est la deuxième fois / Bagdad

Micheline, Daniel and Sprite



by cindy tebo, suhni & marlene mountain

grasp for peace it starts with a pair of hands

releasing the dove behind enemy lines

mothers of the dead until they are

anthrax shot before being shot at

even in his sleep more talk of war

weapons of mad destruction when all's said and shot



On women in Afghanistan.
Carmen Sterba cs - Marlen Mountain mm

speak of Afghan women's rights yet what of safety from bombs /cs
daisies if they survive and the remains of daisy-cutters /mm
peace comes dropping slow in the glow of noon /cs
[with the help of Yeats: Lake Isle of Innisfree]
stop the war another wild bunch wants to get on /mm
[with a little help]
on all sides a bunch who take themselves too seriously /cs
brainwash name one country which doesn't soak it to the people/mm




Copyright authors, 2003