Anti-War Haiku Wall

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all over the world
in painful distrust
of their leaders


the age of fuehrers over let leaders listen

Gary B

mouth open,
america shoots itself---
cirrus clouds


their folks : just pawns
on their war game board



no oil ...

no oil for war either /mm

oil and blood should not be mixed
except in MacBeth /gdb

oil to anoint
the skin
of peace /mhs

fueling anger today the british police closed a mosque /sprite

see-saw gas prices with the see-saw economy /cindy

we'll need oil
to anoint
the dead too /gene


alarming ...

alarming the plans for disarming women & children with arms /mm

the wake-up call came and we oversleep /gb

to unveil horrors and strip bare the truth      a worthwhile cause /sprite

attempt to comprehend the incomprehensible we all have The Dream /mhs

alarming the plans for disarming women & children with arms /mm

rape with a gun in her face /jj

Marlene Mountain, Jean Jorgensen, Gary B, Maryann HS, Sprite


the proofs ...

finally the proofs... but he forgot the rigged votes in Florida
Serge, Old Europe

tech info from secretary powell his proof to destroy downtown
marlene, oldest mountains

Adlai demonstrated proof as the clock ticked towards midnight
Gary, old dawg

proof or no proof Bush on the road to destruction
Carmen, Old Japan

the road to rack and ruin straight and narrow under our feet
Heather, the Blue State of California

'beyond the shadow of a doubt' another war on the horizon

talk of war - yet another   free poem
H. Gene Murtha (USA)

proof sheets of tomorrow's papers inked with blood

proof and spoof who was proofed and who's spoofed

the proof's in the pudding the fats in the fire

old proofs showing they clearly want a new war

the more their unfairness is proven the unhappier they look


book ends

book ends
'war and peace'
between two horses


on a blank page the cloning of our imagination


rush purchase order body bags and toe tags



high ..

'high' terror alert watch out for men in power /mm

from yellow to orange though I still see green /gary

the orange alert a lighter shade of brown /Gary B

even when dinner tastes like plastic the banks will open tomorrow /bk


a sky without ...

a sky without rain how we learned to live with terrorism & love it /mm

first quarter the night sky darker than new /garyb

to save the earth and sky from a bushwar poets and nobel prize winners /cs


mm - marlene mountain / cs - carmen / bk - benita


Copyright authors, 2003