Anti-War Haiku Wall

usually i enjoy writing valentine's day haiku but this year my feelings were colored by bush administratin clamor for war against iraq, and i was only able to produce this haiku

Valentine's Day
the roses this year
smell faintly of blood

however, watching today's all-day coverage of an antiwar protest in athens on greek tv, with reports of protests worldwide, i was somewhat heartened and made to feel slightly more optimistic.

Valentine's Day
a rose for Saddam's
rifle barrel

Valentine's Day
for President Bush a rose
between his teeth

Valentine's Day
a wish that every weapon
become a rose



anti-war poems
who will read them
who will care?

stocking the war chests
bowls of Ethiopians

when missiles fly
along with the guilty
the children

the real issue
oilfields in Iraq
men in power

war rhetoric
the church leaders
so silent

Submitted on behalf of Jean Jorgensen.