Anti-War Haiku Wall


day after day - sprite


this morning signing a letter of consent for unauthorised absence

another reason to fear as our children take to the street in protest

6pm back to an empty house having to trust the protest won't turn into a riot

at thirteen thinking they know it all we had agreed they would stay local

a call from a mobile too much excitment in such a young voice

time to implement teachings in gandhian non-violent resistance

part of the curriculum on Citizenship fulfilled past teachers expectations

sprite 3/20 8.36 am - 6 pm

a question during supper "why are they so mad at France when other countries don't support them either?"

"we are studying WW II and it started exactly the same" God is my witness that it's not something i've ever told her!!

i won't dwell too much tonight on her african heritage and the current conflict in Ivory Coast with Chirac support

so exhausted from all the walking no criticism about my cooking and no argument about bedtime

slowly i unwrap the lantern given at Xmas i ment to pass forward and display a candle in our front window

3/20 10:48 pm



she wakes me up with the news that 12 have perished in a helicopter crash

ominous that the first casualties are due to technical and not tactical error

snow stopped Napoleon's russian conquest, will sand rust those springs?

media manipulation getting tighter with each pressing of the buttons

fear of terrorist attacks insidiously drip fed to all who listen

demonstrators denounced as taking police valuable time to protect us from ......

getting ready to join tomorrow's march a day after the equinox

daffodils daffodils their yellow smile across the parks



spring in the air i want to turn my thoughts to worms, birds, catkins and early buds

unusual hush in the traffic the capital getting ready for this afternoon standstill

a march in March when we could have gone for a stroll along the street markets

tired of the TV propaganda i turn to the french radio for a different prop agenda

'lie lie lie....lie...lie...lie...lie...lie' as a Simon & Garfunkel's song spills out in a hummm

already too many casualties less concern though for the Iraqi mourners than 'our' own



Copyright authors, 2003