Anti-War Haiku Wall


In the dark night
orphaned mothers


Corpses cooling up
in the coffins
of the distant war.


Somebody, somewhere
waging war again.
Shrapnel in my bowls.


The war is over;
coffins keep leaking in.


Howl mothers, howl!
To a bloody job
your sons are parting!


A middle-aged man
picking up from the pavement
somebody's finger.


Peaceful men
dropping peaceful bombs
from peaceful planes.


The old man
mourns his only granddaughter.
Soldiers in the background.


A picture in the press:
two good soldiers
huddling an orphaned child.


High in the stormy sky
a flag flutters.
The freedom flag.


Konstantin Dimitrov
Sofia, Bulgaria ( Living in Spain )



Copyright authors, 2003