Anti-War Haiku Wall


This sequence is based on the brave actions of a little boy (10) here in my country last Wednesday. He wished to act to the humiliation of others. And after discussing it all with his Dad he chose a standout garment (his nightwear) to wear to school to make his point. The father, knowing he had a good man as a teacher at the boy's school, then let him go ahead.

I feel that we are all prisoners during war. His classmates and community are very proud of him as I am.

(found - for Shane)

leader, a lad of ten
pointing out prisoner plight
yesterday's paper

part of his protest
walking to school

a feeling of feeling normal
wearing clothes
like everyone else

a father's faith
Shane without shame

over a fence
pegging out clothes
a laughing lady

airing his pyjamas
airing his opinions

nightwear on Wednesday
until it ends
the end of the year

three kilometres
miles of compassion

children growing up
for themselves
his classmates join in

autumn leaves
cameras in the schoolyard

that boy
diplomatically speaking
a diplomat's right of reply

winter showers
tears for all, prisoners of war


Benita Kape (14.5.2004)
East Coast of New Zealand



Copyright authors, 2004