Anti-War Haiku Wall

iraq . . .
the seasons turn
this shard
of shell
in the omlette


imprisoned by news,
death and destruction
I loosen my ties
in the freedom of spring
the labour of peace

deborah russell

constant news
of war and disease
I take a walk
and bathe in the fragrance
of spring reborn

Carmen Sterba

special report
on the welsh casualty
i watch the light
in my daughter's eyes
changing...... changing.....

sprite (UK)

surfing channels
for a different view
of miles of missiles and tanks
...a spring turkey shoot sponsored
by the VFW

Linda Jeannette Ward

we can sleep
in peace
at night
disturbed only by
dreams of bombs falling

Alison (UK)

the bombed-out dome
fills with spring sunshine
in modern Hiroshima
words of war march across
newspaper headlines

Carmen Sterba
March 15, 2003

its no use
asking them to stop
they're pitiless
trees in blossom
in the park

Alison Williams (UK)

his talk to the Middle East
on how violence
cannot establish peace
. . . the man with the most
weapons of mass destruction

Linda Jeannette Ward (USA)

near the old castle
ancestors lie beneath me
shamrock in the snow.

i weep for my grandmother
in the land of her old ones.

Mike Subritzky (NZ)

a cold dawn ~
against the blue sky
pink angel fluff
and a sharp awareness of
the gathering clouds of war

Dina E. Cox (Canada)

War Talk: Five Tanka

a young boy
my eyes filled with tears
when I saw the flag
and now they do again
but for a different reason

will we ever know
what madness stalks the dreams
of those in power?
truly childless, must they
kill the dreams of others?

Iraqi mothers
for this over-long decade
I cry with you
salt tears filling
the oasis of imagination

proud nation!
America the brave
bullies the poor
in this schoolyard
for their lunch money

young boy
what madness stalks your dreams?
I cry with you
in this schoolyard
where only greed survives

William J. Higginson (USA)
11 February 2003

birds coast the twilight
the day has been spent in loss
one and another
while the madness of war grows
I helplessly watch light fail

Marjorie Buettner (USA)

of Dad telling us about
chemical warfare,
about the drills he performed
with a gas mask on

Jane E. Wilson (USA)

Surely a leader
will have earned the title
who decides to start a war
when peace is possible.

karma tenzing wangchuk