Haiku in action

The haiku is sometimes written in situations of moral or physical distress, of emotional shock, of war or social collapse ...

It can also be a howl, a protest, a revolt.
We are here far, very far from the Zen poem, detached from the world and its realties. I want here illustrate this kind of writing, that therapeutic use of a poetic form.

Haiku at war

Anti-War Haiku Wall (2003-01-11)

Aproject against the coming war...

Vietnam ruminations - Robert Wilson (2005-04-30)
Some powerful haibun, accounts from the field about the horror of that dreadful war.

Haiku as a story

Old age, illness

Ginette Fauquet (Quebec) : Epreuve (2004-01-17)

Thelma Mariano (Canada) : These are not haiku but tanka. I choose to publish them because it is a deeply moving series on Alzheimer disease. It is told by a woman who observes the gradual deterioration of her mother as she takes care of her in the early stages of this disease..

Diabetes(Cindy Tebo)

Hospital(Johannes Manjrekar, Serge Tomé)

writer's conference Dina E. Cox (Canada) (2006-04-02)

Death, the loss of a relative

JasminkaNadaskic Djordjevic


On her skin Serge Tomé

Haiku as a protest

Marlène Mountain (USA)
Paul Conneally (UK)
Serge Tomé (Belgique)

Honku : The Zen Antidote to Road Rage (2005-04-08)
An original way to protest against traffic and cars troubles. Haiku post and honku of the day by email. My favourites honku ...

Social Haiku

Le haïku comme, drames sociaux, manifestations...
Homeless...Claire Gardien (France) (2010-02-15)

Le haïku comme affirmation d'identité

Haiku as an account

Julien Vocance : Cent visions de guerre (WWI France 1917)

Dragan J. Ristic : Haïku d'un abri anti-aérien(Yugoslavia 1999)

Serge Tomé : fractures (Yugoslavia, Kosovo Spring 1999)

Robert Wilson : Vietnam war, by an American soldier. : You can download his book in PDF format at : https://fr.scribd.com/doc/71238343/Vietnam-Ruminations#scribd

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