Plagiarism alert . . .

I would be glad to publish on this page the right of replay of Adrian Saich.  He can contact me to serge_tome AT

Dec. 27th, 2005

I just received a message from Lynda G. Anaya who was part owner of POETS CASTLE
during the Adrian Saich plagiarism incident.  She and other poets have now become victims of the same crime. She is asking for help and would like to go public with this outrageous situation. I felt this should be brought to everyone's attention. We've taken a stand before and hopefully we can stand with these posts and help them to take further action. Lynda's message is below. I am receiving messages from the other poets with proof of copyright infringement.
Carol Raisfeld
Hi Carol.
I don't know if you will remember me, but you wrote me some time back with a problem with Adrian Saich . He had pillagers poems by George Swede and other poets . I then was part owner of POETS CASTLE and am mentioned in an article on your site written by George Swede . I acted swiftly in removing Mr Saich from the site and all of the poetry. I see that due to your persistence and the others including Mr. Swede, when you do a google search for Adrian Saich, his misdeeds still are made known. Please review my issue below if you would be so kind and try to give me advice.
This is the site LaMusica at
There is a member on the site above who is plagiarizing poems written by myself and at least 7 other poets and we have been ignored when trying to supply proof to the administrator. The poets are irate and since we are being ignored and even cursed out on the message board of the site, we wish to go public to get this addressed. I wanted to see if you could advise me as to how to take further action.
Here is the proof:
She posted my poem from Starlite Cafe:
and here is MY poem but under her name
and I am sure there are many more. We have tried writing to the Admin with no response, and the poet cursed us and said that if you put poetry on the web, it is free reign for anyone to use. I am literally ill and livid. Please advise me if you can.

Thank you
Lynda G. Anaya


From: George Swede

Sent: Friday, June 03, 2005 5:29 PM
Subject: Plagiarism Warning Regarding Adrian Saich

Hi everyone,

Earlier today, Carol Raisfeld informed me that she found a number of my haiku attributed to an Irish artist/poet named Adrian Saich on the Internet poetry sites Starlite Café and Poet’s Castle as well as on his own personal site, SaichWorld. After some more investigation, the number turned out to be 60 of my haiku identified as copyrighted in 2004 and 2005 (all rights reserved) to Saich (a.k.a. Giles)

During my search, I ran across haiku that I recognized but whose authors I could not immediately verify without checking their published works. Saich's section also includes tanka that might include some plagiarized work.

I want to reach as many haiku and tanka poets as possible, so they can go to these three sites and check to see whether their work is being used inappropriately. All of you are editors with a wide range of contacts and I expect that you will send on this email to many others who can then check whether they too are being plagiarized.

Here are the three sites:

We need to stop this kind of blatant misappropriation of voice as quickly as we can.




Dear George,

I'm a big fan of yours and as I browsing on a poetry site I came across some poems I know are yours. I didn't have to look them up...I know your work so well. I was shocked that what I saw was word for word, George Swede poems. I looked for your name, but no credit was given. Can this be? I looked at other sites where this "poet's" work is published...I'm afraid he has stolen your poems. The Starlite Cafe has 20 pages of his poems and I didn't hit all of them, but there are plenty of yours there, under his name. Some are not labeled haiku. I know they will throw him out of there if they are notified. The pages below I found without a problem and I'm sure there are more. I willsend anything else I find. He is also affiliated with the Poet's castle.

Since he is using your haiku for his e-cards, I sent you one. I hope you got it.
I'm sorry I have to be the bearer of bad news, but I was sure youwould want to know.

Just scroll on down. . .;-(


Poetry by Adrian Saich:

the widow's black lace panties
covered with frost

In the pawnshop window
a hooker studies
her reflection

No lovemaking for weeks
I throw stones at my reflection
in the pond

War Hero
Statues in the square
the raised hand of the war hero
fills with snow

and on and on. . . and more here:

Against the gravestone
with faded name
homeless man rests

there are so many more pages...

What ebb tide left
in this tiny shell
still holds the sky

Neighbor's washing day
clothesline full
of icicles
&new_hits_seen=450&sort_by=id DESC

Open library window
winter breeze flutters the pages
of the abandoned book
By Giles>

I know this is yours:

Open library window
spring breeze flutters the pages
of the abandoned book

the widow's black lace panties
covered with frost By Giles


+++++++++++ seems to have cancel Giles'profile but some haiku remain visible.
On and poet's Catsle, Giles'haiku are not online anymore

(S.Tomé June 4th - 9am GMT+2)



Below is a list of sites where Adrian Saich (Giles) posted plagiarized poetry.
We have uncovered what must be hundreds of poems that Giles has stolen and published as his own. Even the classics. Poets have discovered their work under his name on various sites...some have removed the plagiarized poems, but it might be wise to check for more. - please visit this site and check for your work.

An example of blatant plagiarism:
...A poem by John Dunphy being used by Giles as his own.

even the tooth
her father knocked out
placed under her pillow

by John Dunphy

Tooth Fairy
Even the tooth
her father knocked out
placed under her pillow

© Giles
12 Jan 2005



Some of these sites have removed the poems.


Twisting inland
the sea fog takes awile
in the apple trees
Michael McClintock

.... Snow dusted branches
sparrow footprints
lead into the air
Alexis Rotella

cold wind
doves shuffle their feathers
       in unison