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French Bibliography of Haiku(2023-01-06)

Beginning in November 2022, all comments of haiku are translated into English.


A bilingual project (French and English), a bridge between the international community and the French speaking world. Theory and practice, rules, references texts, essays and articles, information, annotated links, bibliography. Weekly pages in native languages, haiga, haiku collections, personal subsites. Several thousand haikus from all regions of the world. The project is devoted to the haiku written "Here and now". tempslibres - free times is not a publication site, a magazine or a journal.

Since September 1999, with a permanent URL, no tracking cookies and no advertising.

More information about the site and the author : https://sto.tempslibres.org

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Haiku database

The only database in the world of haikus indexed manually (controlled language), to guarantee a relevant use. Updated fortnigthly by the favourites

Analysis of an haiku.

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To learn : Theory and practice

A library of texts, to discover how haiku is written, but also to think about its writing. Opposed points of vues, to let readers free to define their own views.

- Reference texts
- Information, definitions (Glossary, saijiki)
- Haiku definitions
- Research on the figures of speech : A first survey of haikus using special figures. (2020-12-10)
- Haiku japonais classique
- The practice of haiku
- Classic Japanese Haiku

Un kit - livret ressources pour débuter en haïku...

Haïku : Une approche par les contraintes. Un livre de théorie sur la composition du haïku . Première présentation au Camp Haïku de Baie Comeau 2007 (in French).

- Renku

Analysis of haikus

Mes notes personnelles d'écriture
Haïku commentés pour en comprendre les mécanismes

Essais, articles.

Essays, articles, réflexions (mainly in French)

Studies, Researchs.

Questions, champs d'étude, sujets de mémoires, recherches bibliographiques
La genèse du haïku... .Que se passe-t-il juste avant que vous ne l'écrivez sur le papier. Une recherche ouverte...
Studies on haiku
Etudes statistiques
Researchs tools

To read ...

Pages of writing

Sequences, Offprints
Thematic pages

Index of onsite authors (seq. only)
Authors'  locations

Author's pages

Authors (known or beginners) I like very much.

Authors' collections

Authors' collections

Author's site

Some steps with :
Marjorie Buetner (USA)
Ion Codrescu (Roumanie)
Paul David Mena (Boston,USA)
Cindy Zackowitz (Alaska, USA)

Online collections, books on TL and on the internet

Online books freely readable and downloadable.
Books to leaf through, wonderful collections, for the pleasure of reading ...

Review of collections, publications (in French)

To discover ...

Bibliographie du haïku en français

First bibliography of the haiku in French (2023-01-06)

Women Haiku

The world seen by women, its sensitivity, the different look over the things

Children Haiku

Books, articles, links

A window to the Russian haiku ...

A new article to discover Russian haiku, but also publications and sites.

A window to the contemporary Japan ...

- A window to Japan, to help to understand the Japanese contemporary haiku, its writing, and to discover what is written today ...

African and African-American Haiku ...

- A article about African and African-American haiku

Erotic Haiku

- A article to discover what is possible in haiku... In French but with many English translations
L'érotique - Recueil sous la direction de Micheline Beaudry et Janick Belleau

Haiku during wartime ...

At War ... Anthology of Haiku during wartime

Haiku from Islam

Haiku from Islam

Haiku in practice...

Haiku in action...

- The haiku is sometimes written in situations of moral or physical distress, of emotional shock, of war or social collapse ... Articles, essays, uses, accounts.

Hurricane !

Hurricanes in haiku 2011-09-25

Global warming

Global Warm/ning ! : traces in our haiku writing.


- Annotated links
- Annotated bibliography

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The haiku as a protest : Marlene Mountain

Shiki-temp A temporary mailing list that preserved the Shiki List Spirit during it closure(2001-2002)
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Technical information about the writing of internet websites.

Useful information about websites writing.


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Important note : free times is not a publication site, a magazine or a journal. It is an information place for all about the haiku. All haiku are collected on mailing-lists, or sent for sharing by authors.

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