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Some reflections

It is an illusion to have full control on copying, because it is impossible to show something without writing it on the readar machine (in disk caches). Internet moves deeply the copyright concept. We must publish as early as possible, and with the maximum of publicity, to make  the copy always identifiable by the reader.

Moreover, is it reasonable to reserve a right on pleasure,  for seventeen syllables ?

Yes and no.

Yes. Because we must avoid the theft of the creation act.

No. I write for pleasure. And I share it. My preferences go to the Unix culture, the freedom of distribution under my name, like the GNU CopyLeft License. CopyLeft of the GNU License.. I have hesitated. But to avoid discussion and to protect authors' works, I place a copyright mention :

"All material of this site (images and texts) are, except special mention, property of  Serge Tomé. The publication of any material is prohibited without an explicit autorisation (e-mail ). Neverless, my haiku are free of diffusion on internet under my name. The others require an explicit autorisation of their author (I can forward your demand)."

The authors' material is published here with their autorization.

Information about the right of the author et and the right of citation...

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