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This unique database contains all the haikus of the favourites pages since January 2000. It is not a collection of kigos, nor haikus by subjects.

The database contains the haikus (favourites) on this site since January 2000. But it is more than a simple collection of kigos or haikus by subjects.

1) A manual indexing at the first level allows to explore the content. Haikus are indexed manualy with a controlled langauge (closed list of keywords) to warranty the coherence and the relevance of the results of the search engine.

2) A second level of indexing allows to discover and explore the mechanisms used in the haiku writing. Its physical structure, the organization of the discourse, its visible driving elements (interactions between images) and underlying driving elements (dialectics and archetypes).

The manually indexed database is searchable by :

- Search by subject : Semantic keywords + terms correlation (cloud of terms)
- Authors + mental maps
- Countries
- Languages

Correlation of subjects (mental maps) by zone.

The USA - Quebec - Canada - France - India

The more frequent terms : occurence > 30 - occurence > 50 - occurence > 100 - occurence > 150

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Links to another important haiku database : https://worldkigodatabase.blogspot.com/ - Gabi Greve (Japan)