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Marjorie Buettner (Minnesota,USA) New site Oct. 2002
These are wonderful tanka and haiku about love, death, absence and time. It is a poetry rich with feelings: sometimes sensual, sometimes despairing yet always close to the Japanese poetry of the Heian Period. Marjorie's writing is also special in part because of the mystery, the magic, and the sense of epiphany which imbue her poetry, fascinating the reader. Her haibun are also very powerful.

Ion Codrescu (Romania)

Angelee Deodhar (India)

Louve Mathieu (Quebec, Canada)
Louve, montagnaise, quelques textes entre la rivière et la mer, sur la vie, l'amour, la solitude, la mort. Un parler vrai, d'une femme libre, un style d'écriture prenant, une vision naturelle du monde, proche du haiku, comme cette chose qui nous manque. Avec Louve, il y a l'avant et l'après.

Paul David Mena (Cochituate, Massachusetts, USA) sur Twitter
Free haiku, senryuu. Images of life, powerful, unforgettable.
A site with a wonderful visual presentation of illustrated haiku (haiga), outstanding pages, links to reference texts.
Paul is editor of 'Haiku in Low Places'

Marlene Mountain (USA)

Ikuyo Yoshimura (Japan)

Cindy Zackowitz (Alaska, USA)
Free haiku with images of the North,  Nature and the seasons. Wonderful images through details, like reminiscense.

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