Haiku from Islam

Asure / Ashure: Yom Ashra al Muharrem, the tenth day of month of Muharrem, 10

Muharrem is the first month of the Hijra Calendar which is followed by Muslims universally. It is a lunar calendar, so it begins every year ten days earlier in relation to the Julian calendar. Every month begins with the actual sighting of the new moon locally, so that neighboring countries can be a day apart at any particular time. You can not always have assurance that tomorrow will follow on today.

The tenth of Muharrem is identical to Yom Kippur in the Mosaic calendar, and Muslims pray and fast and repent for the first ten days of Muharrem in honor of the practice of Moses (aws). The tenth of Muharrem is also the occasion of the murder of Hussein (ra) the grandson of Muhammed (saws) in Kerbala. Ashure is a time of morning and celebration. The world was born, Adam (aws) was created, Adam and Eve (aws) finally found each other after 40 years of separation, and Adam built the Kaaba, and so on... The flood, Jonah (aws) in the whale... all on Ashure.

During this season, Muslims make a pudding consisting of ten different ingredients, including wheat and garbanzo beans/chick peas, called nohut in Turkish and other ingredients in honor of the restrictions the Jewish people suffered when escaping from the Pharaoh in the dessert and eating on the run without cooking.

Kauthar is a fountain, river, stream, spring in paradise, and rain is figure of the kauthar fountain..."life itself"

99 is the number of divine names found in the Quran, and Islamic rosaries (tesbih/misbah: "praise""prayer") have 99 beads. (the word bead in English comes from 'prayer'). Roses and the scent of roses are very basic figures in Islamic literatures world wide, and the name for heaven in many Islamic literatures is the garden or the rose garden- jennet(cennet in Turkish). My own mother's name is Rose and February 9 this year is her 99th birthday. She passed away 2 years ago on Mother's Day. Rain is also a figure in Islamic Literature, and rain and roses represent something like the idea of Mercy, and is embodied by the idea of Mohammed's (saws) mission.

ashure today
      heavy steady rain
a rose is a rose is a rose
     memories of
         my mother's rosary
february 9
     mom's rosary
         wearing a rain coat
nohut ashure
      after the prayer
           at sultanahmet
star TV
     gathering comments
     wet raincoats
           slick sidewalks
my mother's beads
     the recitation
          of heavy rain drops
today's the tenth
    rain soaks right through
        my coat
cold wet rain
      soaks through
          to my skin

Isa Kocker (Turkey)

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Copyright Isa Kocher, 2006