Haiku as a protest.

A strong speech, committed haiku, far from Zen, but also important essays about a new conception of haiku. A profession of faith to assert her female identity, to tell women sufferings ('a poll'), problems of the world.

A woman on her feet, who talks straight, about Life.


Marlène Mountain, feminist. Impossible to forget.


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Some of her essays and articles about haiku :

essay (September 1988) they don't shoot horses do they? Wind Chimes #28 1989 America

essay (January/February 1993) a poll Raw Nervz Haiku 2:3 1995 Canada

essay (September 1986) haiku and nature and the nature of haiku (once again) HAIKU IN ENGLISH 1987 Japan; Modern Haiku 19:3 1988 America

essay (September 1986) who am i? HAIKU IN ENGLISH 1987 Japan; Women & Language 10:1 1986 America; Brussels Sprout 5:2 1988 America

essay (September 1986) will i ever get myself explained? (a partial autobiography) HAIKU IN ENGLISH 1987 Japan; Brussels Sprout 6:1 1989 America

essay (January 1988) when there was fire and small talk
web self-published

essay (February 1990) memo Haiku Canada Newsletter 5:3 1990 Canada

essay (October 1990) oh, wit of wit Haiku Canada Newsletter 6:2 1990/91 Canada

essay (June 1977) the plight of the haiku public Modern Haiku 8:3 1977 America

essay (February 1978) form follows satori from the mountain

essay (April 1978) one-image haiku Tweed 7:1-2 1978 Australia; Frogpond 3:2 1980 America; A HAIKU PATH 1994 America

WHC : A World Map: Developments in World Haiku
the plight of the haiku public


WHChaibun: Haibun It! Reader Challenge


To better understand Marlène Mountain :

self-interview (July 1981) innerview Frogpond 4:3 & 4:4 1981 America


About Marlene's paintings :