Haiku : theory and practice

Theory ...

Le haiku : a short definition
Some rules
Some structures
Some grammar  points

In practice ...

Syllables counting
The typography
The season words
The Rhymes and  assonances
The cutting of haiku
The interjections
The effacing of ego
The personification
Senses evocation
The "aha moment"
The approach by  successives touches
The images
The puns and plays of word
A few  typical mistakes
A typical structure (R.H.Blyth)
The  senryu

Writing Haiku

A way  to see the world
The use of  discussion and rewriting

Ryu Yotsuya (Japan) has kindly offer his help to reread,  complete and annotate these pages . That permits to me to have a more exact view of the haiku writing techniques and avoid to diffuse too "westernized" concepts.

Some useful informations

The names of the moons