To discover Russian haiku ....

Poets :

Alexandr Belykh, Vladivostok (14 Sept - 05 Dec)

Vladimir Ghertzik, Moscow

Mikail Baru, Pushchino

Konstantin Karabcheev, Orsk

Marina Hagen, Chelyabinsk


Publications :

The almanac Triton is the only russian edition for haiku and haiku-related poetry. It is published yearly in Moscow, at ARGO-RISK Publishers which is one of the oldest small-print publishers in Russia. The first issue was published in 2000 and mostly based on the materials of, on the one hand, First Russian Haiku Contest (1998) and, on the other hand, the first Russian haiku web-site Every issue contains a lot original Russian poems, translations from Japanese, English and other languages, articles, bibliography and so on. Cover and contents (in Russian) see

A publication agreement with Dmitry KUZMIN, editor of Triton and Vavilon, Present-day Russian literature




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