shiki-temp : a temporary Shiki mailing list


Shiki-temp : haiku mailing list

shiki: to preserve the links between the members of the old Shiki

temp: the lifetime of this list was limited to the unavailability of
the Shiki-List.

The main principles of this list were :

- to promote the international spirit of the emerging haiku community.
- to maintain a known place to publish haiku and related information.

Founders and moderators:

- Serge Tomé <> (Belgium)
- Mark Brooks <> (Texas, USA)
- Billie Wilson <> (Alaska, USA)
- Alan Summer <> (UK)

We ran the list in 2001 and 2002 until the new Shiki list becomes operational.


Shiki-temp is now closed.

Archives of the mailing list :


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