Angelika Kolompar

Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada


Calligraphy by Liu Jian

Edition : Loonbook
126 Haida Trail
Nanaimo BC, Canada V9S 3G1
Can$ 22.50

ISBN 0-9736686-3-6
Contact : akolompar AT shaw.ca

Vancouver Island Poetry

Haiku - Senryu - Tanka

Red as a poppy
Maple leaves fall
On the memorial

Grey sea and sky
She dreams
Of bleu irises

Brushing her hair
She finds more
Silver than gold

Faintly outlined
Against the Autumn sky --
Cedars in the mist

Dod days of summer
Mother waits for birth
Heavy with child

At 12:01
He takes his bath
In last century's water

Poetry-reading day
The haijin has
A frog in her throat

Out of the mist
Apungent scent
Of cedar

Island mist
Covers her skin
As tears fall

Newcastle Island
The ghost of coal
Sounds in the night

Summer morning
The telephone rings
Another wrong number
She turns her head
Toward the wall

Copyright Angelika Kolompar, 2006
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